Peer Supporter Training

Desert Waters’ “Peer Supporter Training™” (PST) is a 40-hour course that is offered online or in person, and includes independent study and the use of extensive role play to enhance the potential of effective implementation of the skills taught. The course trains public safety staff to offer social support, resources, and follow-up to their peers who may be experiencing distress due to a variety of life stressors on or off the job. The course covers topics such as active listening skills; dealing with peers who may be a threat to themselves or others; confidentiality and its limits; assisting peers in their decision-making and problem-solving processes; and peer supporter team policies and operational issues. The PST course is not designed to train public safety staff to offer specialized critical incident debriefing either on an individual or a on group basis.

$1,495 Per Instructor Candidate

O. G.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – O. G.

The role-playing really helped out, and I feel like it was an important part of learning how to be a peer supporter. It was a little bit of an uncomfortable subject on dealing with peers who are suicidal, but I am optimistic that with continued practice, it will get easier.

V. A.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – V. A.

This training is true to correctional officer needs to help them get through obstacles they are facing at work or in their home life. It seems that we (Correctional Officers) are pushed to the back about our feelings, and it feels good to know there is help and training for the jobs we have to endure day in and day out. Desert Waters, thanks for the training and the future looks bright.

G. M.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – G. M.

I was skeptical at first of both the CF2F and Peer Support. But after the CF2F class it seemed to be like waking from a dream. I saw so many of my coworkers who are far gone into the fatigue and in desperate need of peer support. I am excited to help them.

D. S.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – D. S.

I appreciated that the material was specific to Corrections. I believe that this program will benefit the employees as well as the department.