From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™

From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™

True Grit

True Grit™

Improving The Well-being Of Corrections Professionals

Improving The Well-being Of Corrections Professionals™

From Fatigue to Fulfillment™

From Fatigue to Fulfillment™

Course Testimonials

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

This training has opened my eyes to the many aspects of being a better leader. It gave ideas on how to handle sensitive situations.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

The staff were amazing, and the class discussions were very beneficial.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

I plan on using my module binder to continually work on areas of improvement to be a better supervisor.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

This was the very best and honest coverage of this topic.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

Excellent, excellent, excellent! This training, this movement, is so overdue.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

The Department is finally taking legitimate steps to address staff wellness. It is no longer lip service, it’s real. We need to continue to move forward in changing the culture in a positive manner.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

The Desert Waters program is comprehensive and well thought out. Trauma informed training is 100% relevant to the (Department’s) mission.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial

There is no one in the department that could not benefit from this training. Thank you for bringing it to us.

A.L., Sgt.

TG Instructor Training Testimonial – A.L., Sgt.

This course has already made me a better person. I can’t wait to teach this class to our staff and make a difference in someone’s life.

J.M, Lt.

TG Instructor Training Testimonial – J.M, Lt.

Besides CF2F this is one of the most needed classes. It teaches us how to counteract the negative effects that our careers bring. It can improve our home life and extend our life expectancy.

P.D., Sgt.

TG Instructor Training Testimonial – P.D., Sgt.

I think the course will be very well received by the staff in the institution. All the material is relevant to everything we do. I am very grateful for everything you are doing for us.

P.R., Lt.

TG Instructor Training Testimonial – P.R., Lt.

This course was better than what I thought. I see that we are making an impact, and saving lives!

P. S.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial – P. S.

This is the best tool we provide our staff, and I am honored to be certified to teach it.

B. O.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial – B. O.

It is the best class I have taken or instructed my entire career of twenty plus years! I get so much out of every class that I instruct and know that we are making a difference in the lives of our staff.

C. M.

CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial – C. M.

It is a great program and as long as the staff are receptive to it, it will help them. I thoroughly enjoy instructing this program and I am excited to extend it for another three years. Thank you for this opportunity!


CF2F Instructor Training Testimonial – R.M.

People deal with things in life that we may not always be aware of. This course is great for our department and it helps me as an instructor to face my everyday challenges, even beyond the workplace.

A. H., Correctional Officer

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – A. H., Correctional Officer

Coworkers feel alone in their thoughts and feelings, and are oftentimes suffering in silence because they don’t want to be ridiculed for how they feel. I have loved seeing the transformation in so many of my coworkers. Thank you.

D. M.

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – D. M.

The aspect of validation among peers is extremely significant and can even lead to healing. This is a powerful course that has positively impacted the lives of many!

P. B.

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – P. B.

It validates participants’ experiences, thoughts, feelings in an amazing way.

A. L., Correctional Officer

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – A. L., Correctional Officer

Many people who initially blew off the course, usually came back later on when there were less people around to hear more about it. Also, many people who seemed to take the class to prove it wasn’t worth it usually get the most out of it.

T. O.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – T. O.

Thoroughly educational. I believe this material is well prepared and very relevant.

C.E., C/O

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – C.E., C/O

I feel that these classes are slowly peeling away ‘layers of the onion’ that a lot of seasoned officers deny exist.

M.P., Sgt.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – M.P., Sgt.

I learned better ways to cope with negative situations at home and work. Thank you!

E.S., Lt.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – E.S., Lt.

The information included in this course is extremely important to the livelihood of all staff. These topics are exactly things we need to improve our lives at work and more importantly at home.


1. All the courses are available as both live Instructor Training courses and Direct Delivery.

2. All the courses can be offered at your agency in person or online.