Promoting Staff Wellness:
Combatting Corrections Fatigue

We help correctional agencies and other public safety agencies counter Corrections Fatigue and other occupation-related Fatigue in their staff by cultivating a healthier workplace climate and a more engaged workforce through targeted skill-based training and research.

Our Mission

Advancing the well-being of correctional employees and other public safety employees and their families, and the health of public safety agencies, through data-driven, skill-based training.

We strive to provide comprehensive education-based support and resources to corrections professionals and other public safety professionals, their families, and the agencies where they work, to help individuals navigate the impact of high-stress work conditions on their personal and professional lives. We are dedicated to improving staff health and functioning by addressing challenges posed by repeated exposure to high-stress or traumatic work conditions, fostering trust and harmony among employees, and challenging the often-prevailing culture of “toughness.” We aim to bridge the gap between staff’s needs and the response to these needs by teaching trauma-responsive and other wellness coping skills, and presenting top-down, agency-led wellness strategies. Through ongoing research and collaboration, we continue to expand our efforts, making a positive impact on correctional and other public safety agency wellness both nationally and internationally.

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