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Desert Waters’ courses are:

  • Corrections-specific: They have been developed specifically for corrections staff and their families and other public safety agencies, are geared to issues pertinent to this population, and are based on studies and intimate knowledge of this population stemming from extensive training and clinical treatment of corrections personnel and families.

  • Data-driven: They are based on research conducted by Desert Waters and others with corrections staff of all ranks and job roles, and they are also based on research findings regarding other relevant populations, such as the military and other first responders.

  • Holistic: They address wellness needs system-wide, from custody front line staff to civilian staff, seasoned and new staff, managers of all ranks and levels, and family members of seasoned and new staff, and wellness needs of the overall workplace culture.

  • Prevention-oriented: They aim to equip staff with skill sets to foster healthy workplace environments, and to prepare them to address possible job stressors proactively.

  • Trauma-responsive: They go beyond being trauma-informed to presenting strategies, skills, and practices to counter possible effects of traumatic stress and to promote staff wellness at the individual, team and organization levels.

  • Skills-based: They offer concrete, practical and actionable approaches to combatting challenges in staff’s professional and personal lives.