Every year we celebrate the National Correctional Officer and Employee Appreciation Week. It is wonderful that we recognize the value of Correctional Officers and other employees.

What about their family members though? How many of us recognize what correctional families go through as they try to adapt to changes in their lifestyle and changes in their loved one due to corrections work?

Indeed, correctional family members make deep sacrifices to continue accommodating and supporting their loved one who works in corrections, often at a cost to themselves.

That is why we propose that the first week in June be designated as National Correctional Family Appreciation Week, with this year’s Appreciation Week being celebrated on June 3-9 2024.

Use the QR code anonymously to let us know you’re behind this initiative! Use the materials on this page to spread the word on social media! Ask your agency to support this effort by celebrating correctional families at work.

Administrators, support this initiative, and send us an email at admin@desertwaters.com, giving us the name of your agency to add to the list of supporting agencies that we are compiling.

Let’s build momentum to see the National Correctional Family Appreciation Week become a reality across the country! It is WAY OVERDUE!

Here is a sample letter of appreciation you can prepare for your staff’s adult family members, to be mailed out or sent home to them with your employees. You can modify it as you see fit.

National Correctional Family Appreciation Week
National Correctional Family Appreciation Week

Use the QR code to let us know you’re behind this initiative!

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Supporters to date*

Correctional Agencies 

  • Allegany County Sheriff’s Office
  • Anne Arundel County Department of Detention Facilities, MD;
  • Apache County Jail, AZ
  • Avery County Sheriff Office, NC
  • Buncombe County Sheriff’s Office – Detention, NC
  • Kansas Department of Corrections
  • Orange County Corrections Department, FL
  • Oregon Department of Corrections


  • Association of Oregon Corrections Employees
  • Council of Prison Locals 33 AFGE
  • Fraternal Order of Detention Center Officers’ & Personnel, Anne Arundel County Maryland
  • National Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 44 – AZ
  • Pennsylvania State Correctional Officers Association
  • Suffolk CO Maryland AFSCME Local 419
  • Union of Norwegian Correctional Services Employees

Corrections-related Organizations 

  • Axon Aid
  • Guardian RFID
  • Heroes Active Bystandership Training
  • Michigan Corrections Organization
  • North Carolina Jail Administrators Association
  • One Voice United
  • Social Purpose Corrections

*If you are interested in joining this group of supporters backing this initiative please complete the form HEREOr contact us at admin@desertwaters.com