Steve Howerter is an Illinois Dept. of Corrections retiree with 31+ years of service. He worked as a correctional officer, sergeant, and counselor. He was the initial member of the IDOC Staff Wellness Response Team at his facility when it was created in 2017. He was trained through Desert Waters as a CF2F and True Grit Instructor. He was the SWRT coordinator at his facility and then was named the Northern Region SWRT Coordinator in 2018, with responsibilities over 16 IDOC facility Staff Wellness teams with 100 team members until he retired in 2020. He has been CISM trained to assist groups and individuals in crisis and currently serves on the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Wellness Team. He is also a volunteer firefighter with 27 years of service and is the Assistant Chief of the Cuba Fire Protection District.

Steve and his wife have been blessed with two children of their own, along with their daughter-in-law and one grandson. They live on a small family farm in west central Illinois that was originally purchased by his great-grandfather in 1888.