I am a 20-year retired veteran from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. During this time, I worked my way through the ranks as an Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and retired as a Captain. During my 20-year career, I worked primarily in high-security environments such as Security Housing Units (SHU), Administrative Segregation (AD-SEG), and Level 4 180-designed facilities.

Over the last nine years of my career, I have been actively involved in staff training, including holding the position of In-Service-Training Manager. During this time, I received certifications as a Master Use of Force instructor, Master T4T Instructor, and Master Milo Instructor. I was certified as an instructor in various classes for the staff’s annual training. One of my most impactful certifications was as an instructor of CF2F and True Grit through Desert Waters. I also participated in the departmental Peer Support program, helping and working with staff during critical incidents.

My amazing wife and I are blessed with seven children, of which four are currently active or veterans of the US Navy, and nine grandchildren. They are spread across the country, so they keep us busy. We cherish every moment we spend with our family and are thankful to have all of them healthy and flourishing.