Brian Koehn, proudly a veteran of both the United States Marine Corps and the US Army, has committed his career to elevate the field of corrections. Over more than 28 years, Brian has climbed through the ranks from a Correctional Sergeant to holding multiple leadership positions, including Warden and Complex Warden at five distinct facilities. His unique journey in leadership roles includes his tenure as Corporate Director of Security, where he oversaw operations, policy, and procedures across a network of 65 correctional facilities. Brian’s intimate understanding of the corrections field and hands-on approach have been integral to his work, allowing him to develop and implement transformational policies focusing on resident change initiatives, security, and staff well-being.

In his quest for meaningful and effective criminal justice reform, Brian established Social Purpose Corrections (SPC), an IRS-certified 501.c.3 organization, the nation’s first full-service nonprofit corrections corporation. As an active member of the American Correctional Association, Brian continues to wield his influence in the industry, serving on several national committees and contributing to Corrections Today. With an unwavering dedication to corrections and a trailblazing approach to reform, Brian remains a steadfast advocate for change, continually striving to transform the system from the inside out.