Brent Parker has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration and Sociology from Illinois State University. He worked for the Colorado Department of Corrections for almost 30 years, retiring in 2014. Brent began as a correctional officer, working his way through many positions and ranks, ending his career as the department’s Director of Training. After retiring from the CDOC, Brent was asked to serve the Fremont County Sheriff’s Office, where he developed training programs and worked with probation and local specialty courts.

Brent taught criminal justice classes at a local community college, and served on local and national boards and committees with American Correctional Associations and the National Institute of Corrections. He has been involved in corrections at all levels and understands the challenges faced by today’s correctional staff, supervisors, and administrators.

Brent has devoted his working life to the success and safety of corrections staff, and he continues to promote staff wellness through Desert Waters Correctional Outreach, where he has been a Master Instructor since 2016. Brent’s life-long motto is “leave it better than you found it,” which he feels applies to people, as well.

Brent and his wife, Lisa, have four grown children and four energetic grandkids. They are semi-retired in Arizona, where they enjoy the warm sunshine and lots of golf.