Correctional officers toil in virtual anonymity. They are underappreciated, unheralded, and unrecognized for the critically vital role they play as part of the criminal justice continuum. They work in a potentially perilous environment with some of society’s most dangerous offenders. The stress endured by these modern day centurions takes an emotional toll. That stress, too, has been anonymous until now. With this work, William Young, a veteran correctional officer, provides intimate anecdotes of the personal struggles that arise from long hours inside unpredictable inmate housing units or bouts of sheer terror that can materialize in a moment’s notice. The unique aspect of this work is that not only does Officer Young open the portal to his soul, but he extends an empathetic hand to those who suffer the same or similar fate. He offers encouragement and support to the brave men and women, trained to suppress their emotions, who are tasked with keeping our community safe. Moreover, he lets it be known that there is no shame in asking for help with an emotional burden that is shared by so many working one of the toughest beats in America—jails. I applaud this work and look for more to come.