True Grit Instructor Training

“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals” (TG) Instructor Training

The TG Instructor Training is offered to certify your agency’s instructors to offer the 8-hour TG course to your staff. Team-teaching is strongly recommended.

The TG Instructor Training is offered: (a) in person as a 5-day, 40-hour training followed by 2 hours of phone coaching; or (b) as a hybrid 43-hour interactive online teaching, independent study, and phone coaching*.NEW!

For more details, and for the 2021 TG Instructor Training dates, click HERE.

*If your correctional agency or a combination of agencies in your area want to have 10 or more TG instructors trained at a location near you, DWCO’s TG Master Instructors will come to you.


Certified instructors* and Co-instructors** are licensed for three years*** to offer the 8-hr TG course to staff at their agency.

*Instructors can teach the TG course on their own if needed.

**Co-instructors must always team-teach the course with a TG Instructor.

***Certification can be renewed for another three years by passing an online exam.


  • Is the sequel to DWCO’s award-winning course “From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™,” and is also a stand-alone training.
  • Presents actionable and practical skills based on four evidence-informed clusters of resilience-promoting behaviors.
  • Is packed with skill-based tools derived from evidence-informed factors that promote resilience in military and other populations, adapted to corrections employees’ work and home life realities.
  • Combines research findings on psychological and neurophysiological correlates of resilience with the addressing of occupational demands, work/home life balance issues, and health concerns faced by the corrections workforce.
  • Includes individual exercises, action plans, and small group work.
  • Is positive, empowering, engaging, motivating—and FUN!

Please note that this is NOT a Master Instructor training. Certified Instructors are NOT licensed to train other Instructors. They are licensed to offer the TG course to staff at their agency.

True Grit Brochure