The IWCP Instructor Training is a 40-hour course designed to prepare and certify classroom instructors in the 8-hour proprietary IWCP course, so that they may facilitate safe and supportive instruction with staff at their corrections agency.

The IWCP course addresses work-related exposure to psychological trauma and its effects, resilience-promoting behaviors, and self-care practices for corrections professionals.  This course is geared to the needs and occupational realities of corrections professionals who serve at corrections facilities and community supervision settings.

For the IWCP Instructor Training Curriculum Outline, click HERE.

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Please note:

  1. Certification to present the IWCP course is limited to the certified employee’s agency.
  2. Certified IWCP instructors are only certified to present the IWCP course to staff at their agency, not to train and certify other instructors.
  3. The IWCP course is not designed or intended to replace getting help from mental health or medical professionals for any type of psychological, physical or spiritual distress.