Corrections Family Wellness (CFW) Instructor Training
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The “Correctional Family Wellness: For Families of Corrections Staff™” (CFW) Instructor Training certifies instructors to deliver the 2-hour CFW course to adult family members of corrections employees. This is a 32-hour in-person or online training and independent study followed by phone or virtual coaching.

Please note: The Instructor Training strictly certifies Instructors to deliver the CFW course to family members of corrections employees at their agency. It does not certify Instructors to train other Instructors to offer the CFW course, or to offer the CFW course to others outside of their agency.

Click HERE for a flyer with information about the ONLINE 2022 CFW Instructor Training.

To review the CFW Instructor Training Curriculum Outline, click HERE.

Contact us to discuss offering the CFW course to your employees either online or in person.

M. M., Training Officer

CFW Instructor Training Testimonial – M. M., Training Officer

Great class. Much needed.

K. H., Corrections Training Officer

CFW Instructor Training Testimonial – K. H., Corrections Training Officer

This is training is crucial for the well-being and survival of corrections professionals and their families.