“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals” (TG)

This 8-hour classroom interactive course is packed with skill-based tools that promote resilience in corrections professionals! Intended as a sequel to the award-winning course, “From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™,” it is also highly effective as a stand-alone workshop.  “True Grit” addresses occupational demands, work/home life balance issues, and health concerns faced by the corrections workforce. Small group work and action plans enhance the potential for practical implementation.

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T. O.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – T. O.

Thoroughly educational. I believe this material is well prepared and very relevant.

C.E., C/O

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – C.E., C/O

I feel that these classes are slowly peeling away ‘layers of the onion’ that a lot of seasoned officers deny exist.

M.P., Sgt.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – M.P., Sgt.

I learned better ways to cope with negative situations at home and work. Thank you!

E.S., Lt.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – E.S., Lt.

The information included in this course is extremely important to the livelihood of all staff. These topics are exactly things we need to improve our lives at work and more importantly at home.