The Supportive Correctional Supervisor™ (TSCS)

This highly interactive course is designed to equip supervisors with research-based skills and knowledge to manage subordinates constructively. Did you know that research suggests that the quality of corrections staff’s professional relationship with their supervisors affects staff morale, job satisfaction, physical and emotional energy levels, mental health, physical health, and family health? A supportive supervisory style can even reduce staff’s use of work-related sick days! This course is a must for improving the well-being of the entire agency! Inclusion of questionnaires, small group work, and large group discussion enhances the research-based content of this course.  TSCS is offered ONLINE over two 5-day sessions, four weeks apart. Each session is composed of five 4-hour days, and independent study.  TSCS can also be offered in person over five consecutive 8-hour days.

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