From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™ (CF2F)

The CF2F course received the 2016 Commercial Product of the Year Award of Excellence by the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel.

This interactive 8-hour workshop offers tools which assist corrections professionals in thriving both inside and outside of the workplace! Anticipate learning the nature and causes of Corrections Fatigue, while also gaining insight on how to move beyond that to a place of Corrections Fulfillment. Questionnaires, small group work, and large group discussion add crucial elements of self-assessment, peer support and community building to the intriguing and eye-opening research-based content. Four customized version of this course are offered for: (a) correctional institution (prison and jail) staff, (b) community supervision (probation and/or parole staff), (c) juvenile justice institution staff, and (d) juvenile justice community supervision staff.

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A. H., Correctional Officer

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – A. H., Correctional Officer

Coworkers feel alone in their thoughts and feelings, and are oftentimes suffering in silence because they don’t want to be ridiculed for how they feel. I have loved seeing the transformation in so many of my coworkers. Thank you.

D. M.

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – D. M.

The aspect of validation among peers is extremely significant and can even lead to healing. This is a powerful course that has positively impacted the lives of many!

P. B.

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – P. B.

It validates participants’ experiences, thoughts, feelings in an amazing way.

A. L., Correctional Officer

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – A. L., Correctional Officer

Many people who initially blew off the course, usually came back later on when there were less people around to hear more about it. Also, many people who seemed to take the class to prove it wasn’t worth it usually get the most out of it.