Correctional Family Wellness – For Staff™ (CFW-S) Instructor Training

Family health and stability play a key role in correctional employees’ well-being and their functioning in both their personal and their professional lives. The course “Correctional Family Wellness: For Staff™” (CFW-S) is a highly interactive 4-hour course for correctional professionals that describes stressors that can affect their family life stemming from: (a) logistics of their job, and (b) negative behavioral changes staff may “bring home” to their families. To help counter these effects of the job, the course also offers the staff effective practical strategies for dealing with these lifestyle stressors and negative behavioral changes. Participants who implement the strategies described in this course, and to the degree that they do so, may experience a reduction in the impact of correctional work on home life through increased awareness and empathy, effective problem-solving, and social support.

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