Corrections Family Wellness™ (CFW)

This highly interactive 2-hour course is designed to help adult family members of corrections professionals understand common stressors that stem from corrections work and to equip them with effective coping strategies. Family stability plays a key role in corrections employees’ well-being and their functioning in both their personal and their professional lives. Course participants can anticipate a reduction in the impact of corrections work on home life through increased awareness, empathy, problem-solving, and social support.

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M. W., Prison Chaplain

CFW Direct Delivery Testimonial – M. W., Prison Chaplain

Thank you! The training is excellent as always. Participating is both informative and refreshing.

D. A., Sergeant

CFW Direct Delivery Testimonial – D. A., Sergeant

This is a good addition to the catalog of courses from Desert Waters. Family was the missing piece. Thank you!!