From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™ (CF2F)

From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™ (CF2F)

The CF2F course received the 2016 Commercial Product of the Year Award of Excellence by the International Association of Correctional Training Personnel.

This interactive 8-hour workshop offers tools which assist corrections professionals in thriving both inside and outside of the workplace! Anticipate learning the nature and causes of Corrections Fatigue, while also gaining insight on how to move beyond that to a place of Corrections Fulfillment. Questionnaires, small group work, and large group discussion add crucial elements of self-assessment, peer support and community building to the intriguing and eye-opening research-based content. Four customized version of this course are offered for: (a) correctional institution (prison and jail) staff, (b) community supervision (probation and/or parole staff), (c) juvenile justice institution staff, and (d) juvenile justice community supervision staff.

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R.L., Records Manager

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – R.L., Records Manager

Thank you all for your dedication to help us learn to heal. You’ve given us the tools to heal not only ourselves, but to begin the process of healing our loved ones and to help them understand why we changed and give them hope of a brighter future for all of us.


CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – Lt.

This training was life-altering to me at a dark time of my life/career. I think that this information will come fully into my life and my husband’s. The cloud has lifted.

J. R., Caseworker

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – J. R., Caseworker

Thank you for giving me my life back. THANK YOU from my family. They got their husband and daddy back.

T.G., Lt.

CF2F Direct Delivery Testimonial – T.G., Lt.

I truly believe that if I would have had this course 10 years ago it would have saved my marriage, resulting in my children living happier lives with less issues. This training is amazing and will save lives, rekindle relationships and build families.

Towards Corrections Fulfillment™: For New Staff (TCF)

Towards Corrections Fulfillment™: For New Staff (TCF)

This 4-hour interactive course is designed to prepare today’s newest correctional professionals for a healthy and successful career in corrections. Participants are introduced to the concept of Corrections Fatigue in relation to working in correctional environments, and are presented with research-based coping skills to maintain their health and wellness in their professional and personal lives. Scenario-based learning, action plans, and open discussion enhance application of content. TCF is designed for new corrections professionals as part of a larger pre-service curriculum.

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TCF Direct Delivery Testimonial – Anonymous

The class was excellent. All senior staff who attended the training said that this is the most well thought out and best slide deck they have seen.

“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals” (TG)

True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals (TG)

This 8-hour classroom interactive course is packed with skill-based tools that promote resilience in corrections professionals! Intended as a sequel to the award-winning course, “From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™,” it is also highly effective as a stand-alone workshop.  “True Grit” addresses occupational demands, work/home life balance issues, and health concerns faced by the corrections workforce. Small group work and action plans enhance the potential for practical implementation.

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T. O.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – T. O.

Thoroughly educational. I believe this material is well prepared and very relevant.

C.E., C/O

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – C.E., C/O

I feel that these classes are slowly peeling away ‘layers of the onion’ that a lot of seasoned officers deny exist.

M.P., Sgt.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – M.P., Sgt.

I learned better ways to cope with negative situations at home and work. Thank you!

E.S., Lt.

TG Direct Delivery Testimonial – E.S., Lt.

The information included in this course is extremely important to the livelihood of all staff. These topics are exactly things we need to improve our lives at work and more importantly at home.

Corrections Family Wellness™ (CFW)

Corrections Family Wellness™ (CFW)

This highly interactive course is designed to help adult family members of corrections professionals understand common stressors that stem from corrections work and to equip them with effective coping strategies. Family stability plays a key role in corrections employees’ well-being and their functioning in both their personal and their professional lives. Course participants can anticipate a reduction in the impact of corrections work on home life through increased awareness, empathy, problem-solving, and social support.

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The Supportive Correctional Supervisor™ (TSCS)

The Supportive Correctional Supervisor™ (TSCS)

This highly interactive course is designed to equip supervisors with research-based skills and knowledge to manage subordinates constructively. Did you know that research suggests that the quality of corrections staff’s professional relationship with their supervisors affects staff morale, job satisfaction, physical and emotional energy levels, mental health, physical health, and family health? A supportive supervisory style can even reduce staff’s use of work-related sick days! This course is a must for improving the well-being of the entire agency! Inclusion of questionnaires, small group work, and large group discussion enhances the research-based content of this course.  TSCS is offered ONLINE over two 5-day sessions, four weeks apart. Each session is composed of five 4-hour days, and independent study.  TSCS can also be offered in person over five consecutive 8-hour days.

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Peer Supporter Training

Peer Supporter Training (PST)

This 5-day, 40-hour course entails training correctional staff to offer social support to their peers who may be experiencing distress due to critical incidents or other life stressors on or off the job. The course covers topics such as active listening skills; dealing with peers who may be a threat to themselves or others; confidentiality and its limits; assisting peers in their decision-making and problem-solving processes; and peer supporter team operational issues. Inclusion of extensive role play enhances the potential of effective implementation of tools post-course.

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O. G.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – O. G.

The role-playing really helped out, and I feel like it was an important part of learning how to be a peer supporter. It was a little bit of an uncomfortable subject on dealing with peers who are suicidal, but I am optimistic that with continued practice, it will get easier.

V. A.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – V. A.

This training is true to correctional officer needs to help them get through obstacles they are facing at work or in their home life. It seems that we (Correctional Officers) are pushed to the back about our feelings, and it feels good to know there is help and training for the jobs we have to endure day in and day out. Desert Waters, thanks for the training and the future looks bright.

G. M.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – G. M.

I was skeptical at first of both the CF2F and Peer Support. But after the CF2F class it seemed to be like waking from a dream. I saw so many of my coworkers who are far gone into the fatigue and in desperate need of peer support. I am excited to help them.

D. S.

Peer Supporter Training Testimonial – D. S.

I appreciated that the material was specific to Corrections. I believe that this program will benefit the employees as well as the department.