Towards Corrections Fulfillment Training

Towards Corrections Fulfillment™: For New Staff (TCF) Instructor Training

“Towards Corrections Fulfillment™” (TCF) is a 4-day Instructor Training for the 4-hour interactive course designed to prepare today’s newest correctional professionals for a healthy and successful career in corrections.  Learners are introduced to the potential of Corrections Fatigue in relation to working in a corrections environment, and are exposed to evidence-informed coping skills to maintain health and wellness in their professional and personal lives.  

“Towards Corrections Fulfillment™” is a prequel training program to the internationally recognized course “From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™” (CF2F) offered by Desert Waters Correctional Outreach (DWCO).  While CF2F offers the veteran corrections professional valuable insights and coping tools, TCF gives the newest staff the best opportunity to prepare themselves to address the possibility of Corrections Fatigue through evidence-informed prevention techniques and healthy, career-long coping skills. 

TCF is designed for the new corrections professional who has little or no corrections experience. It is designed to be offered as part of a larger pre-service curriculum, and it engages the learner in open discussion to acquire new information and insight.  The course includes small and large group activities, and scenario-based learning to promote participants’ practice and eventual application of skill-based behaviors.