Working in corrections settings can be highly stressful. And the ripple effects of work can linger and affect your personal life and your family life. Sometimes you and your loved ones need a place to vent anonymously and confidentially. At other times you may need emotional support or encouragement. Or you may want to be “heard” as you problem-solve about a challenging situation. Through the Ventline, we at Desert Waters want to offer you a compassionate listening ear as you share your feelings and thoughts with us, or as you explore options.

The Ventline is an email service offered to corrections staff (institution staff—custody and non-custody, probation, and parole) and their loved ones. We do not ask you to share your name with us or other identifying information, and we keep your emails confidential (with the limitations stated below).

To access the Ventline, write to us at Our goal is for us to reply to you within 24 hours of receipt of your email.


When identifying information becomes available/is provided to us, we are mandated to report child and adult abuse, and danger to self or others.

PLEASE NOTE: The Corrections Ventline does NOT constitute behavioral or medical health assessment, diagnosis, or treatment, and it should never be used or regarded as a substitute for, alternative to, or replacement for diagnosis, professional advice or treatment.  We urge you to consult with a behavioral health provider or physician/medical professional regarding assessment, diagnosis and/or treatment of symptoms or medical conditions that you may be experiencing.

By using the Ventline email service you acknowledge that you understand that this is not a behavioral health or medical service in any professional sense. By your use of the Ventline email service, you also agree to indemnify and hold harmless DWCO, its board, staff and volunteers for any liability arising from any loss, injury or damage to or by any person or property, however caused, thought to result from the use of this service, including but not limited to information you obtain by asking questions, by exploring your situation with us, by questions posed by us to you regarding your situation, by receiving suggestions or referrals, or if we contact law enforcement when identifying information is provided to us regarding child or vulnerable adult abuse, or danger to self and/or others.