RPB Action Plan e-Learning Application


The RPB Action Plan™ Customized e-Learning Experience

The RPB Action Plan™ customized e-Learning experience is structured from (prerequisite) data-driven results from scientific assessments of their workforces’ health and functioning, including the Corrections Staff Resilience Inventory™ (CSRI), the Corrections Fatigue Status Assessment™ (CFSA-v5), the Depression Danger Scale™ (DDS) and (optional) Violence, Injury, and Death Exposure Scale™ (VIDES). Staff log in to a web-based e-Learning application and receive education and encouragement to perform key resilience-promoting behaviors (RPB’s) intended to optimally facilitate increased health and functioning of their workforce. The customized application will be accessible for a 12-month period, and offer a strategic sequence of learning. New focal content is presented and key behaviors encouraged each month over the 12-month period.