Research is an important component of any organization’s operating procedures. Research helps organizations better understand their current needs, implement evidence-informed action plans, evaluate the effectiveness of those action plans, and make immediate adjustments in an ongoing cycle of improvement.

Research Services

To be effective, your research needs to use current best practices and be designed to provide actionable results.

DWCO’s research team has a broad range of technical experience ranging from multi-million-dollar published research to internal quality improvement efforts. With substantive knowledge in corrections, psychology, and public health, we can help you develop sophisticated research plans that fit your capacities and directly inform your work.

DWCO offers a suite of customizable research services tailored to your agency’s individual needs, including:
• Surveys
• Interviewing
• Measure design
• Program design
• Program evaluation
• Quantitative and qualitative data analysis
• And more

Contact Dr. Caterina Spinaris or call 719-784-4727 to learn more about DWCO’s services and request a proposal. Dr. Spinaris will work with you to develop a set of research activities that efficiently answers your research questions and yields practical results that make sense for your organization.