Processing Corrections Workbook
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  • Last Updated August 11, 2021
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What It Is

This unique workbook, entitled “Processing Corrections Work: A Workbook to Combat Corrections Fatigue and Increase Corrections Fulfillment,” (PCW) by Caterina Spinaris, PhD, LPC, and Gregory Morton, BA, was first published by Desert Waters in 2011, later revised, and now, in 2017, released as an e-book.

This product is specifically designed for corrections professionals, and is based on material taught in Desert Waters’ proprietary and award-winning course “From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™” (CF2F).

Aesthetically pleasing and clearly laid out, the PCW workbook reinforces foundational principles of the CF2F material through the pinpointing of successes and concerns, and through the selection of solutions and wellness-promoting behaviors. After strategically reviewing key course content, the text guides staff through the processing of both the negative and positive aspects of corrections work on a workday. The PCW workbook also reminds them to implement, on a daily basis, positive, wellness-boosting strategies, both in their professional setting and in their personal lives. Multiple-choice and other types of questions are repeated for each workday/shift, using forms that are refillable.

How It Works

When away from work and in the privacy of their homes, staff can read through the introductory material in the PCW workbook, and then proceed to the daily sheets. They can elect to go through these and write in their responses daily, or every other day, or weekly. We believe that increased frequency of use will result in greater gains in terms of building healthier habits. One approach to build enduring “muscle memory” for wellness-promoting behaviors is to fill out the forms over 20 consecutive work days (four work weeks), then take a break from the workbook for a couple of weeks, and after that repeat this process again for another 20 consecutive work days. After that, the workbook can be used at least weekly to continue reinforcing thought patterns and choices.

Who Can Benefit from It

The PCW workbook can be purchased by individual corrections professionals for their own personal use, or by corrections agencies that purchase it in order to disseminate it to their employees for their use. Using the honor system, individuals and agencies are asked to purchase the exact number of copies of the book that they will be using or disseminating for use.

How It Can Be Used in a Corrections Workforce

The PCW workbook can easily serve as a follow-up tool for staff to use after completing the CF2F course in order to reinforce habits that promote well-being, and to solidify gains in positive behaviors in both their personal and professional lives. Since the workbook is a stand-alone product, it can also benefit corrections staff who have not yet taken the CF2F course. Additionally, sharing this workbook with family members and close friends can improve dialogue and two-way supportive behaviors in corrections staff’s significant relationships. One more invaluable way to use of the workbook would be to employ it as a tool in research interventions for helping staff build new, healthier habits—and maintain them. As such, the study would involve pre- and post-measures (assessing, for example, Corrections Fatigue levels in a workforce, using the Corrections Fatigue Assessment, before and after staff are asked to read the workbook and fill out its forms for a predetermined number of days/weeks/months).