Corrections Family Wellness (CFW) Training

Corrections Family Wellness (CFW) Instructor Training

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The CFW course, authored by Caterina Spinaris, Ph.D., LPC, is designed to help adult family members understand common stressors that stem from corrections work, and to present them with effective strategies to reduce the impact of corrections work on home life.

“Corrections Family Wellness: For Families of Corrections Staff™” (CFW) Instructor Training is a 34-hour online Instructor training, with certification, for instructors to deliver the 4-hour course by the same name to adult family members of corrections employees, and the 2-hour course for adult family members of newly hired corrections employees.

Corrections Family Wellness Brochure

Please note: The Instructor Training strictly certifies Instructors to deliver the CFW course to corrections employees’ family members. It does not certify Instructors to train other Instructors to offer the CFW course.