True Grit Instructor Training

True Grit (TG) Instructor Training

“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals” (TG)

“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals,” is a 5-day, 40-hour Instructor Training with certification, authored by Caterina Spinaris, Ph.D., LPC, for the 8-hour training with the same title. This course is the sequel to Desert Waters’ award-winning course “From Corrections Fatigue to Fulfillment™,” and it is also a stand-alone training.

True Grit Brochure

“True Grit” presents actionable and practical skills based on four evidence-informed clusters of resilience-promoting behaviors. It is positive, empowering, engaging, motivating—and FUN! It is packed with skill-based tools derived from evidence-informed factors that promote resilience in military and other populations, adapted to corrections employees’ work and home life realities. The course combines research findings on psychological and neurophysiological correlates of resilience with the addressing of occupational demands, work/home life balance issues, and health concerns faced by the corrections workforce. The “True Grit” training includes individual exercises, action plans, and small group work.

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Please note: The Instructor Training strictly certifies Instructors to deliver the “True Grit” course to corrections staff at their agency. It does not certify Instructors to train other Instructors to offer the “True Grit” course.