Corrections Fatigue Model

Corrections Fatigue Assessment

Corrections Fatigue Assessment
This original measure for correctional employees working in adult institutions was developed by DWCO. It is the intellectual property of DWCO, and items cannot be used or re-administered without DWCO’s express, written permission. To view the measure, click HERE.

The Corrections Fatigue Assessment (CFA) is designed to be administered to groups of correctional employees, not to individuals, in order to examine the levels and areas of Corrections Fatigue in the workforce of correctional agencies

DWCO Research

DWCO Foundational and Occupation-Specific Research Studies

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Mission Critical: Correctional Employee Health and Wellness
By Caterina G. Spinaris, PhD

Descriptive Study of Michigan Department of
Corrections Staff Well-being: Contributing
Factors, Outcomes, and Actionable Solutions.
By Caterina Spinaris, PhD, and Nicole Brocato, PhD

Prevalence of Trauma-related Health Conditions in Correctional Officers:
A Profile of Michigan Corrections Organization Members
(Posted with permission)By Michael D. Denhof, PhD and Caterina G. Spinaris, PhD

Occupational Stressors in Corrections Organizations: Types, Effects, and Solutions
By Michael D. Denhof, PhD, Caterina G. Spinaris, PhD, and Gregory R. Morton, B.A.

Depression, PTSD, and Comorbidity in United States Corrections
Professionals: Prevalence and Impact on Health and Functioning
By Michael D. Denhof, PhD and Caterina G. Spinaris, PhD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in United States Corrections
Professionals: Prevalence and Impact on Health and Functioning
By Caterina G. Spinaris, PhD, Michael D. Denhof, PhD, and Julie A. Kellaway, PhD

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