Violence, Injury, and Death Exposure Scale

The Violence, Injury, and Death Exposure Scale – version 2 (VIDES-v2) is a psychometrically sound assessment tool that assesses the degree of exposure to Violence, Injury, and Death events experienced by groups. The VIDES has excellent applicability as an assessment and research tool, and correlates well with relevant criterion variables. The VIDES is often employed to gauge the level of VID exposure in correctional facilities or departments.

The VIDES is a reliable and valid assessment instrument with sound psychometric properties, developed by researchers at Desert Waters Correctional Outreach. It was designed specifically for use by public safety professionals who experience high stress experiences or incidents, often repeatedly, directly and indirectly, as part of their job role. Examples include law enforcement officers of various types, corrections professionals, and others performing similar job roles.

Click here to download a Data Sheet detailing content and psychometric property information on the VIDES. Note that product Data Sheets are updated periodically and it is recommended that users check for the most up to date version.