Corrections Staff Resilience Inventory

The Corrections Staff Resilience Inventory (CSRI) is a scientifically-developed assessment tool that allows for the reliable and valid measurement of the presence and extent of various classes of Resilience Promoting Behaviors (RPBs) potentially being performed by corrections professionals making up the workforce in a given organization. Resilience is understood as immunity or protection against Corrections Fatigue and related negative health conditions. RPBs are specific types of actions which, if routinely performed, have the effect of bolstering the health and functioning of the workforce. The CSRI measures the presence and extent of 4 classes of RPBs: (1) Supportive Staff Relationship Maintenance Efforts, (2) Self-Care Health Maintenance Efforts, (3) Confident/Perseverant Frame of Mind, and (4) Controlled/Logical Problem Solving. The CSRI is often administered online in conjunction with the CFSA-v5. The CSRI and CFSA-v5, together, provide 13 distinct assessment scales bearing staff health and functioning, and which facilitate highly actionable, data-driven intervention designs.

Click here to download a Data Sheet detailing content and psychometric property information on the CSRI. Note that product Data Sheets are updated periodically and it is recommended that users check for the most up to date version.