Corrections Fatigue Status Assessment

What Is Corrections Fatigue?

Corrections Fatigue is an umbrella term for a constellation of stressors and stressful circumstances, and the cumulative toll they can take, upon corrections professionals and upon entire corrections workplace cultures. The ingredients of Corrections Fatigue include a variety of factors, many interacting, such as negatively skewed outlook among staff; negatively affected mood, morale, and capacity for empathy/compassion; inconsistent or lack of leadership support for staff, unhealthy interactions between staff, conscience issues, and/or lack of job meaning/fulfillment, among other impacts. Research conducted at Desert Waters Correctional Outreach has been focused on not only modeling Corrections Fatigue theoretically but also measuring it empirically. A Corrections Fatigue Process Model was created to illustrate visually the major inputs that feed Corrections Fatigue and how manifestations of Corrections Fatigue interact to negatively affect staff and the workplace culture in a way that is self-reinforcing and reflecting a vicious circle that undermines health, functioning, and fulfillment.


What Is the Corrections Fatigue Status Assessment (CFSA-v5)?

The Corrections Fatigue Status Assessment, now in its 5th version, is a scientifically-developed assessment tool that allows for the reliable and valid measurement of the overall health and functioning of a workplace culture, and provides objective scores in 9 key areas: Behavioral Functioning, Outlook/Disposition, Leader Supportiveness, Psychological Safety, Staff Reliability, Morale, Moral Injury, Staff Supportiveness, and Meaning. Scores from individual content areas have a variety of uses. The CFSA-v5 is often administered online in conjunction with the CSRI (described below). The CSRI and CFSA-v5, together, provide 13 distinct assessment scales bearing staff health and functioning, and which facilitate highly actionable, data-driven intervention designs.


How the CFSA-v5 Is Used

Using an online web application that staff can access from work or home via internet connection, the CFSA-v5 provides a convenient way to collect and aggregate data from staff. An organizations’ staff are provided password access a list of multiple-choice style questions that ask about a range of issues pertaining to health, functioning, workplace climate and conditions. Collected CFSA-v5 data are statistically analyzed in aggregate and in relation to cut-points and national baseline data. Results indicate an organization’s status in terms of the overall degree that Corrections Fatigue permeates the workplace culture, and also how it compares to national averages in 9 key areas. This information puts organizations in an excellent position to evaluate where to focus improvement efforts. The CFSA-v5 provides an evidence-based, data-driven approach to determining aspects of the workplace culture that need improvement in order to reduce Corrections Fatigue and simultaneously move staff toward greater health, functioning, and fulfillment.

Click here to download a Data Sheet detailing content and psychometric property information on the CFSA-v5. Note that product Data Sheets are updated periodically and it is recommended that users check for the most up to date version.