Resilience Academy



Currently Available Webinars

Two foundational webinars are available as recorded videos.

Corrections Fatigue: A Primer

This recorded webinar is an introduction to Corrections atigue, its nature, impacts, and management, as well as an introduction to the Corrections Fatigue Status Assessment-v5, which is a scientifically-developed quantitative assessment of Corrections Fatigue in workforces.


Corrections Fulfillment: A Primer

This recorded webinar is an introduction to Corrections Fulfillment for staff. It describes individual self-care strategies, organizational strategies, and research-based, actionable behaviors to counter Corrections Fatigue and clear a path to fulfillment.



What Is The Resilience Academy ?

The Resilience Academy™ at Desert Waters is an online educational resource for correctional professionals of all ranks and disciplines, with content designed to inform staff about effective strategies to address challenges inherent to the corrections profession. Its mission is to provide correctional staff with easily accessible and affordable educational material on the subjects of resilience and occupational wellness, and to equip the learner for optimal health and functioning in challenging correctional work environments.

Educational content is delivered through webinars, supportive study materials, and online quizzes that confirm comprehension.

As webinars are successfully completed cumulatively over time, individuals can earn Corrections Resilience Certifications* as indicated below.

What Are the Certification Levels?

Depending on the number of courses taken and completed successfully, staff can earn certifications spanning from Fundamental to Master Levels.

  1. Corrections Resilience Certification – Fundamentals—8 webinars completed successfully
  2. Corrections Resilience Certification – Intermediate Level—16 webinars
  3. Corrections Resilience Certification – Advanced Level—20 webinars
  4. Corrections Resilience Certification – Master Level—26 webinars

Webinar content will specifically address the unique cognitive, emotional and physical wellness needs of corrections professionals, and based upon up to date and cutting edge research in the field. Participants will learn about skill-based solutions to common corrections workplace challenges, to build and enhance their personal repertoire of resilience-promoting behaviors.

Why Offer Corrections Resilience Certification?

From its inception in 2003, Desert Waters’ vision has been to elevate the corrections profession’s pursuit of staff well-being to at least match, if not exceed, that of other public safety disciplines. This continues to be pursued through development and presentation of educational materials and evidence-based services for individuals and organizations.

Given the array of occupational stressors to which corrections professionals are exposed, a curriculum offering resilience-promoting behaviors and their application is mission-critical for employees and agencies alike, both in terms of prevention and intervention.

When repeatedly implemented in the face of workplace challenges, resilience-promoting behaviors help shield staff from adverse conditions and circumstances and promote an enhanced sense of competence, mastery and optimism for the future within individual staff members and across the workforce.

How Does Course Delivery Work?

Courses are delivered by webinars, in most cases having a duration of 60 minutes. Staff will be able to attend live webinars on specific advertised dates or view recorded webinars at any time following initial delivery of live webinars. Some webinar topics will be addressed through a series of two or more webinars. Resilience Academy sponsored webinars are offered at a consistent price point of $29.00 per webinar. Webinar participants will be provided with access to additional educational material related to a given webinar topic, and to quizzes that confirm comprehension.