CIFA Pay-Per-Use Access

The CIFA Pay-Per-Use version is a 50-minute, self-guided, Critical Incident* inoculation training experience, available is customized versions for corrections professionals, police officers, road patrol sheriff deputies and other individuals with similar high stress working conditions. It can be taken anonymously online (1) following exposure to Critical Incidents, (2) as a component of new-hire trainings, or (3) annually as a preemptive, resilience-promoting measure. The CIFA provides individuals with a variety of information and recommendations for actions to facilitate the healthiest and most expedient return to optimal health and functioning. Recommendations follow from an incorporated scientific assessment (the Violence, Injury, and Death Exposure Scale; VIDES) of cumulative and recent Critical Incident exposure.

Note: If you would like to use text-to-speech software, to have CIFA text content read aloud, we recommend you download and install a free text-to-speech application prior to completing the CIFA. Click HERE for access to a recommended free text-to-speech application, available for Windows or Mac.

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