“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals” (TG)

“True Grit: Building Resilience in Corrections Professionals,” is an 8-hour course authored by Caterina Spinaris, Ph.D., LPC.

The course combines research findings on psychological and neurophysiological correlates of resilience (presented in comprehensible layman’s language) with in-depth addressing of occupational demands, work/life balance issues and health concerns faced by the corrections workforce.

“True Grit” is positive, practical, empowering, engaging, motivating—and FUN! It is packed with skill-based tools derived from evidence-informed factors that promote resilience in military and other populations, and adapted to corrections employees’ work realities.

The course includes a Participant Manual with information, individual exercises and action plans, and small group work.

Course objectives are to:

  1. Describe the nature and characteristics of psychological resilience.
  2. Present evidence-informed resilience factors, and adapt them to the corrections workplace context.
  3. Identify skill-based resilience-promoting behaviors to practice at work and in one’s personal life.

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